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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Investors Can Claim $4.1 billion in SEC Settlement Dollars

In 2013, the SEC collected over $1.6 billion in monetary penalties. In 2014, according to Chairman Mary Jo White's address at SEC Speaks 2015 a few days ago, the amount more than tripled to $4.1 billion. After the order is obtained, the money is placed in a “fair fund” for distribution to harmed investors. 

While every effort is made to identify harmed investors it is important to know how to follow up with the fund yourself. In the coming weeks we'll be publishing an updated contact list for our readers, meanwhile you can start by seeing if the company you invested in is on this list and following the instructions as posted for that particular claim.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is the catalyst behind much of the change going on in the financial industry today. It also authorizes the SEC to pay an award to eligible whistle-blowers if you submit leads to an SEC action that results in monetary sanctions over $1 million. To learn more about this program click here. You can see a list of FAQs about the whistle-blower program here.

To see if a class action lawsuit has been filed relating to your investment you can visit Stanford's Securities Class Action Clearinghouse by clicking here.

If the issue is with your registered broker/dealer going out of business you can visit the Securities Investor Protection Corporation to see if you can file a claim by clicking here

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