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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Is Dogecoin The New Bitcoin? How To Mine Dogecoin With The App UnMinable

In 2018, I wrote an article on SeekingAlpha speculating that bitcoin could be worth $4M one day. At the time it was valued at $18,000. Today it’s valued at $60K. Max Keiser, the King of Bitcoin, thinks it will be worth $200K by the end of 2021.

At the time, my followers laughed. They told me I was crazy. I told everyone I could (family, friends, followers) but most people just patted me on the head.

Who’s laughing today?

This isn’t a game, it’s real. Bitcoin holds real value — the kind of value that can buy houses and feed the hungry. Tangible value.

So now it’s time to get in on the dogecoin train. 

Why Doge

I can’t tell you why, but big social players like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk are backing dogecoin. These men have a large following on Twitter and a lot of money to invest. 

You may be saying, “I don’t want to buy something that’s driven by social memes,” but social memes rule the world. They are the best way to market anything, including crypto. And when you have names like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk spreading the word, it lends both credibility and reach.

Detractors: “Dogecoin is available in unlimited quantity”

True, but this is also what keeps Dogecoin’s processing fees so low.

Detractors: “Dogecoin can’t compete with bitcoin”

False, bitcoin was first to market. That’s its claim to fame. However, the underlying technology is the same. Bitcoin isn’t better than dogecoin in terms of its technology, but its popularity. And now, dogecoin is gaining in popularity with the techno cool crowd. 

It has becoming a movement.

The crypto community is funny like that. They took a spelling mistake and turned it into the crypto anthem “HODL” (read: hold and never sell). Likewise, the bitcoin story is noble, but the dogecoin story is funny and quirky. As a result, it’s gained a cult like following among the masses of people you’ll find in Reddit forum groups. This is the same group that took Gamestop to all new highs to the dismay of large hedgefunds. They are all laser focused on making dogecoin KING CRYPTO.

You can buy dogecoin on sites like Binance, but you can also earn dogecoin by mining it on your computer.

I recommend a site called unMinable. It is specifically for coins that are “unminable” like dogecoin. It is also very user friendly.

10 Steps to Mining Your Own Doge In 10 Min

1) You need a dogecoin address. You can download Exodus, my favorite cryptocurrency wallet, or you can use any dogecoin wallet you want. Copy your wallet address.

2) Go to the Unminable site to download the application.

Note: You don’t have to use a referral code when signing up, but if you use a referral code, you will get .25% off the 1% mining fee. So be sure to share your referral code with others.

My referral code is: k10w-nbrd

3) Download the “packed” version by right clicking and saving. If you left click, it will loop you back into the website.

4) Go to the folder where the file was saved and make sure you EXTRACT ALL first. This is very important. If you don’t extract all first, it won’t load.

5) Once extracted, click on the file and the app will run.

6) Click Continue.

7) Choose between a graphics card (GPU) or CPU. I recommend CPU usage unless you have a newer model GPU. So you can use this app on old laptops and old computers as well.

8) Follow the directions, select your coin - in this case dogecoin.

9) Put in your dogecoin wallet address.

10) Click start and it will start in low intensity mode.

That’s it. You are now mining dogecoin.

You may want to send the app to your desktop for easy access.

I’m also working on a list of doge faucets so stay tuned. 

Update: Here's a link to my new post showing you how to make the most dogecoin from faucets.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2020 - 2025 Investment Predictions: Capital Assets & Futures Contracts

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I'll explain why in my next post. For this post, however, I'd like to discuss my 2020 - 2025 investment predictions.

My predictions are roughly the same as they were before the virus: buy capital assets -- stay away from debt, but everything else is fair game.


Because prior to COVID, the Fed was fully committed to supporting the market. And now, after-COVID, the Fed and every major central bank around the world has doubled down on their commitment to support the market as this AP reporter discusses in the following segment:

So my predictions for 2020 remain the same, except for a few changes, which I will discuss at the end of this post.

For a glimpse of what my predictions were before the virus, here's a post I wrote in January 2020. It was titled, "2020 Predictions":

There are several ways to look at the current market, but the best is with a historical lens.
We know that debt deflation is on its way, if not already here. We also know that the Federal Reserve has more power than it ever has. It has the full use of the American dollar and new tools like quantitative easing and reverse repo agreements to pump large amounts of liquidity into the market. 
Central banks all over the world have done the same. Japan is the leader of the pack, followed by the EU. They are in a panic to stave off deflation. So much so, that they employed a policy of negative interest rates. A move which is akin to winning the battle by moving the sun.

But, now that we know the extent to which central banks will go and the degree of power they have over the world economy, I think it's fair to say that we shouldn't be surprised by anything. I predict two things will happen over the next 50 years:

1) The stock market will be permanently supported by the Federal Reserve. It will never come down.

2) The United States will enter into a long, protracted deflationary period. It will experience massive layoffs and bankruptcies as the rest of the economy cycles through what should be a recession.

In other words, what you can expect is a stock market that's booming -- anyone that owns capital assets will do very well -- but an economy on rails.

Your portfolio should be heavy on index stocks and grocery store chains. You should be quietly accumulating bitcoin, but not in large quantities, and only on dips. Gold, silver and other precious metals are also a good play. These are also great opportunities to load up on your HSA and 401k.

The only thing I would add to my prediction is to stay away from all bank and travel related stocks, but all other capital assets are on the table.

I've also added a new asset class for some of you -- futures. For most people futures are scary and they should be, but there is no better time to be a trader in the futures market. What does that mean for you? It means there's a lot of volatility in the market.

That does not mean futures are easier to trade in times of high volatility, it means it's easier to make money if you already know how to trade.  

Brokers make money from every trade, so naturally they're going to tell you that volatility makes trading futures and options easier, but it doesn't. That would be like saying higher waves makes it easier to surf. High waves are actually very dangerous if you don't know how to surf. They are only good for those that already know how to surf. Everyone else WILL GET WIPED OUT. 

Trading is like any other sport. It comes naturally for some people; it takes 10,000 hours or more for others.

In my next article I'll talk more about the futures market and how you can participate.