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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This Woman Thinks Bitcoin Is The Devil

This women (update: her picture and the video this post refers to has been taken down) is slightly insane, which means that I like her. That said, she also thinks technology (primarily in the form of cell phones) has turned us all into children. I understand -- the image of a teenager and an iPhone does not connote human progress, but this is the illusion.

"I'm used to privacy and cash", she proclaims proudly. "Using bitcoin is akin to being microchipped." This is ironic because privacy, autonomy, decentralization and low transaction fees are the main reasons why people like bitcoin.

At the heart of all her fears is an argument against "de-materialization" -- this is an agenda by the government to move everyone away from using money. The easier it is for you to spend your labor, the less you think about it. This is a valid concern, but the argument is specious. If bitcoin exits the room, the issue of "de-materialization" does not follow. Credit cards, debit cards and electronic wallets like Paypal are still present.

About mid-way into her interview it becomes clear that she doesn't really know what bitcoin is.  Her argument is old, stale. It sounds ignorant. What a brutal word, but it fits here -- I promise.

Why Am I Highlighting This Video?

I wanted to highlight this to show how someone with logic and sense can have no clue about bitcoin. Even the die-hard libertarian with disdain for the federal reserve still sees bitcoin as the devil.

Final Thoughts: Bitcoin Has Arrived

It's always good to understand how others perceive an asset. In this case, I see the misperceptions as opportunity.

If this woman knew the truth about bitcoin, she would be investing everything in it. She would see that the market, the free-market she so ardently believes in, has created a tool that the government cannot manipulate.

Bitcoin is an automation tool that gives back privacy. A tool that provides an alternative to the dollar and gold. A tool that connects all of us together, with no intermediary, no clearinghouse. We now have the ability to send an unlimited amount of money instantaneously across the globe for free.

There's no going back.

Bitcoin is the Internet of money.