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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Investment Representative Turns To Citizens Bank Armed Robbery: Gets 3-5 Years

Perhaps the winner in the "seriously?" category this week is the sad story of Leonard Eric Burd who is currently serving a 3-5 year prison term for robbing a bank in Natick, MA. The SEC published an order on March 31 officially barring Burd from being an investment representative.

Burd was a registered rep from October 1997 through October 2013. The broker-dealers he worked with include UBS Financial Services, Financial, LLC and Summit Brokerage Services.

In August 2014, Burd plead guilty to robbing a Citizen's Bank in Natick, MA while armed with a gun. Allegedly, Burd entered the Natick, MA Citizens Bank "located at the Stop & Shop on Providence Highway". An article in the Natick Patch said he passed a note to a teller requesting money -- evidently he was wearing a wig.