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Friday, May 17, 2019

A Proposal For Technological/Corporate Reparations

It's not ideal, but we live in a corporate state that's driven by profit. To hone in on the problem, it's not the corporation that's bad, it's the power we give them as corporate entities. Their only directive is one of profit as stated in the corporate bylaws. The good news is that corporations are very efficient organizations. If you dangle the right candy, they can make change happen over night. I think it's time to start using corporations to our advantage.

I'm working on a proposal that places a retroactive corporate dividend (in the form of cash or corporate coins) on all jobs that have been automated. The automation effectively creates a capital asset that only the company is benefiting from and I'm suggesting we ask for technological reparations.

Mechanics: The dividend goes straight to the worker and the people that live in that community. The dividend is connected to the capital asset (automation technology).

Why would a company do this? The corporation benefits from increased spending on their products and an improved corporate image. The payment is connected with increased productivity and profitability, so the profits are aligned.

Bottom line:

Viable corporations need to figure out a way to stay viable and total automation doesn't work unless workers have an income. Corporations can provide that basic universal income.