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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How To Buy Bitcoin With Over 300+ Different Payment Methods (Coinbase Vs. LocalBitcoins)

My two favorite ways to buy bitcoin are through Coinbase and LocalBitcoins. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

In general, Coinbase offers the cheapest methods, but you don't have as many payment options to choose from as you do with LocalBitcoins. Coinbase is a business, so you're buying coins from a business in a centralized location. LocalBitcoins is peer-to-peer (like Craigslist) and decentralized.

This post will concentrate on buying bitcoin using LocalBitcoins. In the next post I'll review the process of buying Bitcoin with Coinbase.

Buying Bitcoin With LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a decentralized, peer-to-peer service to buy bitcoin. It's really a listing service like Craigslist. This service allows you to find a seller of bitcoin without having to go through an institution, which explains why I like it.

How much you pay depends on who you buy from, but LocalBitcoins doesn't charge you any fees for buying bitcoin. The seller pays a 1% fee to LocalBitcoins. Also keep in mind that only the sender (not the buyer) pays mining fees, which are currently .0008 bitcoin. These fees may rise, but I think technology is being put in place to reduce the current scaling problems bitcoin is experiencing. 

These are a few other things to keep in mind before making your first purchase on LocalBitcoins:

  1. Each seller has a different ranking and sells at a different price so find a vendor with a good reputation at the right price.
    Look for VERIFIED Seller with this seal.
  2. READ the TERMS of the offer BEFORE you start the order, always! For example, if you use a gift card, you may need to provide a receipt to verify that the gift card was purchased with cash. Make sure you read what you are agreeing to.
  3. Check the PRICE. The price depends on the payment method. For a better price try cash or bank deposits. For the best price, go with Coinbase.
  4. Read the instructions.
  5. Click I have read the instructions and Paid button ONLY when you have actually paid.
  6. NEVER ask the vendor to release the bitcoins first. This is grounds for an instant ban.
  7. If you aren't interested, cancel the order -  if you are no longer interested and have not yet paid the vendor. It will free up their escrow and let them continue to trade with others.

The process: 

1) First you want to decide how you plan on paying. You have over 300+ options as listed below. 

2) Look for a deal with a verified seller at the price you want. 

3) Once you find a good deal with a verified seller you will be in a live chat with them. They will tell you how to pay.

3) Once you pay, they release the bitcoins (the bitcoins are held in escrow until the transaction goes through).

4) The bitcoins are held in your LocalBitcoins wallet and can be spent anywhere that bitcoin is accepted.

Ready to get started? Click here to buy bitcoin with over 300+ different payment methods as listed below:

  1. CO-OP Shared
  2. Capitol One
  3. 53rd Bank Cash Deposit
  4. AC Moore Gift Card
  5. AMC Theaters Gift Card
  6. ANY Credit/Debit Card
  7. ANY Gift Card Code
  8. ANY VISA MasterCard AmEx Gift Card
  9. AT&T Gift Card
  10. Abra
  11. AccountNow Card2Card Transfer
  12. Adidas Gift Card
  13. AdvCash
  14. Akimbo
  15. Alipay
  16. Allied Bank
  17. Amazon Gift Card
  18. Amazon Wishlist
  19. American Express
  20. American Express Gift Card
  21. Apple Gift Card
  22. ApplePay
  23. Applesbee's Restaurant Gift Card
  24. AstroPay Direct
  25. BB&T Cash Deposit
  26. BBVA Compass Cash Deposit
  27. BMO Cash Deposit
  28. BMO Harris Cash Deposit
  29. BNZ Same Bank Transfer
  30. BOA❁TD❁WF INSTANT RELEASE!! Cash Deposit
  31. BOA❁TD❁WF❁PNC❁BBT Cash Deposit
  32. BPI & Cebuana Lhuiller
  33. BPI Bank Philippines
  34. Babies R Us Gift Card
  35. Banana Republic Gift Card
  36. Bancolombia Cash Deposit
  37. Bank Mandiri
  38. Bank Transfer from/to any Thai Bank
  39. Bank Wire (Fedwire)
  40. Bank deposit electronicTransfer
  41. Bank of America Cash Deposit
  42. Bank of America Online Transfer
  43. Bank of the West Cash Deposit
  44. Bank transfer from ANY Bank
  45. Bank transfer to ANY US bank
  46. Bank transfer: ANZ & Westpac online transfer ONLY IN AUSTRALIA
  48. Bankwest Cash Deposit
  49. Barclays Pingit
  50. Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  51. Bath and Body Works Gift Card
  52. Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
  53. Belk Gift Card
  54. Best Buy Gift Card
  55. Player to Player transfer
  56. Bill payment
  57. Bitcoin ATM
  58. Bitcoin Cash (altcoin)
  59. Bitgold
  60. Bkash Banking (Bangladesh)
  61. Bluebird American Express
  62. Boost Mobile
  63. Boston Market Gift Card
  64. Brazilian National Bank Transfer
  65. Brookstone Gift Card
  66. Burger King Gift Card
  68. CBA or Westpac, INSTANT RELEASE!
  69. CBA to CBA Netbank Transfer
  70. CBA/WestPac/NAB/ANZ - same bank transfer
  71. CIBC Cash Deposit
  72. CO-OP Credit Unions Cash Deposit
  73. CVS Gift Card
  74. CVS Pharmacy Gift Card
  75. Calvin Klein Gift Card
  76. Capital One 360 P2P Payment - Online Bank Transfer
  77. Capital One Cash Deposit
  78. Cardless Cash
  79. Cash By Mail
  80. Cash Deposit Capitol One
  81. Cash Deposit Navy Federal Credit Union
  82. Cash Deposit: ANZ
  83. Cash Deposit: ANZ
  84. Cash Deposit: All Aus Banks
  85. Cash Deposit: BB&T , Wells Fargo, Bank of America
  86. Cash Deposit: BB&T, CITI Bank ,TD Bank
  87. Cash Deposit: CBA Westpac INSTANT RELEASE!
  88. Cash Deposit: CSOB ATMs
  89. Cash Deposit: CSOB Branches & ATMs
  90. Cash Deposit: Commonwealth Bank
  91. Cash Deposit: Fifth Third Bank
  92. Cash Deposit: Key/Us Bank
  93. Cash Deposit: Royal Bank of Canada
  94. Cash Deposit: US Bank
  95. Cash Deposits Bank of America, Capitol One
  96. Cash Deposits Bank of America, Capitol Onee, CO/OP Shared
  97. Cash Depost: BPI
  98. Cash at CVS Pharmacy
  99. Cash deposit (Coinstar Kiosk)
  100. Cash deposit to Bank
  101. Cash deposit to CBA or Westpac, INSTANT RELEASE!
  102. Cash deposit to all major New Zealand banks
  104. Cash deposit: CBA/WestPac/NAB/ANZ
  105. Cash deposit: StGeorge/BankSA/Bank of Melb/NAV/Bankwest/Suncorp
  106. Cash in Mail
  107. Cash in Person
  108. CashU
  109. Cashier's check
  110. Cebuana Lhuiller Pawn Shops
  111. Chase Cash Deposit
  112. Chase Quickpay
  113. Check
  114. Cheesecake Factory Gift Card
  115. Chili's Restaurant Gift Card
  116. Chimp Change Mobile App Transfer
  117. Chipotle Gift Card
  118. Cirque Du Soleil Gift Card
  119. Citibank Cash Deposit
  120. Citibank Online Transfer
  121. Citizens Bank Cash Deposit
  122. Claim Jumper Gift Card
  123. Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card
  124. Coles Gift Card
  125. Comerica Bank Cash Depostit
  126. Commonwealth Bank - Cash Deposit @ Branch |or| 24/7 ATM
  127. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  128. Commonwealth NetBank Transfer
  129. Community First Credit Union Cash Deposit
  130. Compass Cash DEposit
  131. Costco Cash Card
  132. Cracker Barrel Gift Card
  133. Dash
  134. Dean & DeLuca Gift Card
  135. Del Taco Gift Card
  136. Dell Gift Card
  137. Delta Airlines Gift Card
  138. Desjardins Bank Cash Deposit
  139. Dogecoin
  140. Domino's Pizza Gift Card
  141. Dunkin' Donuts Card
  142. E-check
  143. EB Games Gift Card
  144. EastWest Bank Cash Deposit
  145. Eco Cash
  146. Electronic Funds Transfer (Bank Deposit)
  147. Email wire transfer
  148. Equitel Mobile Money
  149. Ethereum (ETH)
  150. Ez Remit
  152. Facebook Messenger Payment
  153. Fandango Gift Card
  154. FasaPay
  155. Finish Line Gift Card
  156. First Republic Bank Cash Deposit
  157. First Tennessee Bank Cash Deposit
  158. Flashpay
  159. Flexepin Gift Card
  160. Flipkart e-Gift Voucher
  161. Foot Locker Gift Card
  162. Forever 21 Gift Card
  163. Frost Bank Deposit
  164. GObank Card Account Transfer
  165. GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) Nigeria
  166. Game Packs
  167. GameStop Gift Card
  168. Gift Card Nintendo eShop Digital Card Email delivery
  169. Gift Cards
  171. Google Play Gift Card
  172. Google Wallet
  173. Great Wolf Lodge e-Gift Certificate
  174. GreenDot Card2Card Transfer
  175. GreenDot Prepaid Debit Card
  176. Groupon Gift Card
  177. Guitar Center Gift Card
  178. code
  179. H&M Gift Card
  180. HSBC Cash Deposit
  181. HULU Gift Card
  182. Hilton HHonors Points
  183. Holiday
  184. Home Depot Gift Card
  185. Home Shopping Network e Gift Card
  186. Hooters Gift Card
  187. Gift Card
  188. Huntington Bank Cash Deposit
  189. Hyatt EGifts
  190. IHOP Gift Card
  191. IMPS Transfer
  192. ING Direct
  193. INTERAC Online
  194. Interac e-transfer
  195. International Remittance
  196. International Wire Transfer (SWIFT)
  197. Jcpenny Gift Card
  198. Jomashop Gift Card
  199. Kaiku Card-to-Card Transfer
  200. Key Bank Cash Deposit
  201. Kroger Recharge
  202. Kroger to Kroger prepaid
  203. La Banque Postale Cash Deposit
  204. Leupay
  205. LibertyX Pins
  206. LiqPay
  207. Litecoin (LTC)
  208. Lloyds Bank
  209. Local Bank Transfer
  210. Lowe's Gift Card
  211. M&T Cash Deposit
  212. M-Pesa
  213. MINT E-Gift Card
  214. MTN Mobile Money
  215. Macaroni Restaurant Gift Card
  216. Macy's Gift Card
  217. Mandat Cash Urgent
  218. Mango Card2Card
  219. Marriott Gift Card
  220. MasterCard Gift Card
  221. Maybank
  222. Maybank Cash Deposit
  223. McDonald's Gift Card
  224. Mexican Banks Cash Deposit
  225. Michael Kors Gift Card
  226. Microsoft Gift card
  227. Mobile Recharge
  228. MobilePay
  229. Monero
  230. Monese
  231. MoneyGram
  232. MoneyPak
  233. MoneyPolo
  234. MyVanilla Card2Card Transfer
  235. MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card
  236. Myer Gift Card
  237. NAB - Branch |or| 24/7 ATM Cash Deposit
  238. NXT coin
  239. Voucher
  240. Namecoin
  241. National Bank Transfer
  242. National Bank of Canada Cash Deposit
  243. Natwest/RBS/Ulster Mobile Banking ONLY
  244. Neiman Marcus Gift Card
  245. Neosurf Gift Card
  246. Neteller
  247. Netflix Gift Card
  248. Netspend Prepaid Debit Card
  249. Netspend Reload Pack
  250. Netspend Web Transfer FlashPay
  251. Newegg Gift Card
  252. Nigeria Banks Transfers
  253. Nike Gift Card
  254. Nordstrom Gift Card
  255. Novacoin
  256. Gift Card
  257. Office Depot Gift Card
  258. Office Max Gift Card
  259. OkPay
  260. Olive Garden Restaurant Gift Card
  261. OneVanilla VISA/MasterCard Gift Card
  262. OneWest Bank Cash Deposit
  263. Outback Restaurant Gift Card
  264. Gift Card
  265. PNC Cash Deposit
  266. Paxum
  267. PayM
  268. PayPal
  269. PayPal My Cash Gift Card
  270. PaySon
  271. Payeer
  272. Payless Shoes Gift Card Code
  273. Payoneer
  274. Paypower
  275. Paysafecard
  276. Paysera
  277. Paytm Online Wallet
  278. Payza
  279. Peercoin
  280. Perfect Money
  281. Pizza Hut Gift Card
  282. Playstation Network Gift Card
  283. PlusGiro
  284. Pokerstars
  285. Polo ralph lauren gift card
  286. Popmoney
  287. Postal Money Order
  288. Postal Order
  289. PostePay
  290. Pottery Barn Gift Card
  291. Prepaid Debit Card
  292. Quiksilver Gift Card
  293. RBC Bank Cash Deposit
  294. RIA Money Transfers
  295. Rbs/Natwest/Ulster BANK ONLY-GET CASH ONLY
  296. Ready Debit
  297. Ready-Debit® Prepaid Transfer
  298. Reebok Gift Card
  299. Regions Bank Transfer
  300. Regions Cash Deposit
  301. Reloadable Vanilla Card
  302. Reloadit
  303. Gift Card
  304. Riot Points
  305. Rocket Banking (Banglaldesh)
  306. Rue21 Gift Card
  307. Runescape Gold
  308. RushCard
  309. SEPA
  310. SQUARE UP
  311. SUBWAY Gift Card
  312. SWISH
  313. Safe.Cash
  315. Same Bank Transfer: CBA, Westpac, INSTANT RELEASE!
  316. Same bank transfer
  317. Santander Bank
  318. Santander Bank Cash Deposit
  319. Scotia Bank Cash Deposit
  320. Sears Gift Card
  321. Sephora Gift Card
  322. Serve to Serve Account Transfer
  323. Shell Gift Card
  324. Shutterfly Gift Card
  325. Simple
  326. Simple Bank instant transfer
  327. Simple Card peer2peer transfer
  328. Skrill
  329. Skype Credits
  330. Skype Voucher Code
  331. Solid Trust Pay STP
  332. Southwest Airlines Gift Card
  333. Spotify Gift Card
  334. Square Cash
  335. St George Cash Deposit
  336. Staples Gift Card
  337. Starbucks Card
  338. Steak and Shake Restaurant Gift Card
  339. Steam Wallet Gift Card
  340. Straight Talk Reload
  341. Stream Gift Card Code
  342. Stripe
  343. StubHub Gift Card
  344. Suntrust Cash Deposit
  345. Suntrust account transfer
  346. Swipp (DKK)
  347. TD Bank Cash Deposit
  348. TD/Wells/Citi/US/Capital/PNC/BB&T/SunTrust
  349. Taco Bell Gift Card
  350. Target Gift Card
  351. Target VISA Gift Card
  352. Target/GameStop/BestBuy Offline
  353. Ticket Premium
  354. TicketMaster Gift Card
  355. Tim Horton Gift Card
  356. Time Stamp Selfie
  357. Invite Code
  358. TransferWise
  359. U.S. Bank Cash Deposit
  360. UGO Pay
  361. UK Fidor Bank Transfer
  362. UPI Payments
  363. US Bank
  364. Uber Gift Card
  365. Ulta Gift Card
  366. Under Armor Gift Card
  367. Union Bank Cash Deposit
  368. United Airlines Gift Card
  369. VISA Credit/Debit Card
  370. VISA Gift Card
  371. Vanilla Reload Card
  372. Vanilla VISA Gift Card
  373. Venmo
  374. Viber Out Gift Card
  375. Victoria's Secret Gift Card
  376. Virtual visa mc gift card
  377. Vodafone Cash Egypt
  378. Walmart Gift Card
  379. Walmart Money Card
  380. Walmart Visa Gift Card
  381. Walmart to walmart
  382. Walmart/CVS/7-Eleven Cash Deposit
  383. Walmart2Walmart
  384. WeChat Pay
  385. WebMoney
  386. Wells Fargo Account Transfer
  387. Wells Fargo Cash Deposit
  388. Wells Fargo SurePay
  389. Wells Fargo cardless ATM
  390. Wendy's Gift Card
  391. West Elm Gift Card
  392. Western Union
  393. Westpac - Cash Deposit
  394. Westpac - Cash Deposit @ Branch or 24/7 Deposit ATM
  395. Westpac - Cash Deposit CBD ATM 24/7
  396. Westpac Same Bank Transfer
  397. Whole Foods Market Gift Card
  398. Woodforest National Bank Cash Deposit
  399. WorldRemit
  401. Xbox Gift Card
  402. Xoom Bank Transfer Worldwide
  403. Yandex.Money
  404. Zappos Gift Card
  405. Zelle
  406. Zumiez Gift Card
  407. eBay Gift Card
  408. code
  409. gift cards of us based retailers
  410. iDEAL
  411. iTunes Gift Card
  412. mCash - mobile payment Norway
  413. usbank cash deposit