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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From Capital Formation To Zohar's Billion Dollar Funds

Daily Summary Of Government Events & News For Investors

  • On March 27, Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher gave a speech titled "Grading the Commission’s Record on Capital Formation: A+, D, or Incomplete? at the Vanderbilt Law School’s 17th Annual Law and Business Conference.  For whatever reason the speech was just published yesterday, but I plan on reviewing it later on this afternoon and will publish a short summary of insights.
  • Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer gave a speech yesterday entitled "Central Banking in the Shadows: Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Postcrisis," at the 20th Annual Financial Markets Conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia on March 30, 201. Look for a review of this speech later on this week. Unlike Gallagher, who's fairly conservative, you can count on Fischer to give an unbiased assessment of the Fed's actions. 
  • Aegis Capital, LLC, Circle One Wealth Management, LLC, Diane W. Lamm, Strategic Consulting Advisors, LLC and David I. Osunkwo were all charged by the SEC for providing misleading documents to investors.  Aegis Capital is accused of overstating its AUM by over $119 million and the total number of client accounts maintained by at least 1,000, or over 340%. 
  • In good news the Fair Fund for Gregg C. Lorenzo and Charles Vista has finally been established and the FRB of New York published another interesting working paper entitled "The Gender Gap in Mathematics: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country.
  • Perhaps the biggest story of the day, and it's not being covered well in the general media, is the SEC's cease and desist order against Zohar Funds -- the scheme reportedly involved billions of dollars. Check back this afternoon for more on this story or read the full order yourself here.

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